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An Idyllic Retreat – Glen Ivy Hot Springs

by Christine McMiniment 08 Nov 2023

An Idyllic Retreat – Glen Ivy Hot Springs

GIen Ivy Hot Springs is a hidden oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, nestled in the heart of Southern California’s Temescal Valley. This iconic resort has been offering a serene escape with an abundance of amenities and attractions for over a century. Yes, that right 100 years! This unique destination of mineral pools was once a seasonal home to Native American tribes. It has transformed over the years and has plans for the future to develop a world-class wellness community sprawling over 65 acres. Checkout the entire story, 

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Glen Ivy and the experience left me utterly refreshed and revitalized. If you’re looking for a fun way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, kick off a girls’ trip, mother/daughter getaway, bachelorette party or even romantic retreat this is a hidden gem. Heck if you’re headed to a music festival in Indio, it is a great pit stop on the way home for a day of tranquility and renewal. We’ve been planning a mother/ daughter weekend getaway to Palm Desert for a while and this was the perfect way to avoid the traffic on Friday afternoon and see for ourselves what the Glen Ivy Hot Springs was all about! We will be headed back for an entire day of basking in the sun and spa serenity soon.  A little bit about this idyllic retreat…

Serenity Now  (The Grounds)

Glen Ivy Hot Springs currently spans over 19-acres. As soon as I entered the property, I was greeted by lush greenery, palm trees, and the soothing sound of trickling water. As I wondered about, I could not help but notice the lovely waterfalls and my all-time favorite koi ponds. There are fruit trees blooming, which is very fitting as they offer the same fruit in the cool down grotto room. I especially appreciate and notice the little details.  It put you in a state of mind far removed from the chaos of everyday life.

Feel Your Mood, Pick Your Pool (Endless Pools)

One of the main attractions at Glen Ivy is the collection of pools, each offering a unique experience. From the soothing warmth of mineral baths to the refreshing coolness of saline pools, you can choose the perfect pool for your mood. Much like our Prink wraps, you have a pool or wrap to fit your mood. Both help you to feel good physically and mentally. We started our experience with a trip to the Grotto, another main attraction and unique feature at Glen Ivy.

Can’t Leave Without A Visit To… The Grotto

The Grotto at Glen Ivy is truly an “Underground Grotto,” a cave-like sanctuary where you can experience an exceptional moisturizing treatment. Don’t be shy because you’ll enjoy every minute, you are first slathered from neck to feet from a Glen Ivy attendant with a rich moisturizing masque.  Afterward, you relax in a warm room while the masque soaks in, leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished. It is a luxurious treatment that truly feels like a spa within a spa, resulting in incredibly soft and hydrated skin. I will partake in the Grotto experience upon every time I visit.

Of Course, Club Mud

Probably one of the most famous attractions would be their signature red clay mud bath, Club Mud. It is where you can coat yourself in therapeutic clay, let it dry, and rinse it off in the Wafa Pool. Since our time was limited, we did not get the full club mud party going this time however, this is a must on the list for next time.  

Nourishments Galore (Ivy Kitchen/ Juice Bar / Bar)

For those looking to nourish their bodies, there is a selection of dining options available on the premises. We enjoyed a healthy and delicious wrap at the Ivy Kitchen, where the menu featured fresh, locally sourced ingredients. There is a juice bar offering fresh juices and smoothies and for those looking to stray a bit from the wellness aspects and indulge in an alcoholic beverage, they have a splendid bar with a ton of yummy concoctions.

 Too Much To Do (Spa Treatments / Activities / Workshops)

Of course, no spa is complete without an assortment of treatments and Glen Ivy offers a wide array of spa treatments to enhance your experience. The treatment rooms are bungalow-type accommodations tucked away in fun sanctuaries surrounded with lush greenery and soothing sounds of running water. If you’re up for a full day of wellness, start your morning off right with a healing yoga meditation or aqua fit class. There is no shortage of activities and workshops to fill up your day, one of my all-time favorites are sounds baths. So much to do and look forward to!

Boutique Life Forever (Lifestyle Store/ GOCO Salon Boutique)

Finally, my favorite place to visit… boutiques! Glen Ivy’s Lifestyle Boutique is an extension of the spa’s commitment to holistic wellness, offering a curated selection of products designed to boost your well-being. The ambiance and displays are so stylish with a ton of fun products and gifts. There is an assortment of skincare and beauty products, wellness and aromatherapy gifts as well as trendy fashion and accessory designs. I was particularly enamored with their collection of stylish swimwear and cover-ups, perfect for a day at the hot springs or a beach vacation, hopefully Prink beauty and swim wraps will be available for purchase at the Glen Ivy Lifestyle Boutique soon. I encourage you to visit the shop on their website, a place where serenity, style, and self-care seamlessly converge.

Time To Go

My visit to Glen Ivy Hot Springs was a truly a memorable treat.  As I left, I passed by the rock labyrinth for a minute to reflect, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the experience and quality time with Mom. This Southern California gem is an enchanting oasis and I can’t wait to return for another visit. If you’re in need of a day of wellness, rejuvenation, relaxation and fun, Glen Ivy Hot Springs should be on your list.

Glen Ivy -

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