Beauty Wraps

Prink beauty wraps are the new must have addition to your beauty collection! The wraps are designed for comfort to make you feel good and look fabulous while you primp or undo everything beauty. Prink beauty wraps come in a variety of materials including lace, velour, snakeskin and spandex. They are all lightweight with a bit of a stretch and stylish twist to each design, some with added trim bling for those that prefer a lil extra sparkle!

The assortment of Prink beauty wraps are perfect to get you in the mood for whatever you have planned. If you are headed to the spa for a fun relaxing day, why wear some old towel that a bunch of other people have used, bring your own Prink beauty wrap and feel amazing while you lounge and enjoy the tranquility of a well-deserved spa day. Or, if you are headed out for that special date night and you want to get in the mood early, slip on the sexy, lacy Prink wrap and we will see if you make it out. Prink beauty wraps are designed to enhance your natural beauty, elevate your self-care routine, and keep you feeling radiant and confident.

Beauty wraps are great to wear...

  • Leisurely around the house
  • Primping in the morning or evening
  • Relaxing at the spa
  • Winding down your day, during your nightly beauty routine
  • Decking out for a special event
  • Creating memories (bachelorette parties, slumber parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, Botox parties, etc.)

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